About us

71120 Baron near CharollesWelcome to this site. The main site of the Ferme Auberge de Chamoge is in French (link) and the site you are on now is made for all our guests who prefer to read about the Ferme Auberge in English.

The Ferme Auberge de Chamoge is hosted by the charming couple  Nathalie and Patrick Jouvenaud. The family Jouvenaud were farmers here for generations and you can enjoy the products of the 17th century farm in their charming restaurant (have a peak inside here (link) ). In the winter you will be sitting next to the traditional wood stove, in summer you may be sitting outside on the terrace.

For your holiday stay, the family Jouvenaud offers you to stay in their guest houses. Up to 6 persons can stay in the recently renovated houses where original atmosphere is well preserved. In summer you can use your private terrace e.g. if you would like to have your own barbecue!

Please contact us by phone:

Nathalie and Patrick JOUVENAUD
Tel : 03 85 24 07 93  -Mobile:  06 84 00 25 57

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